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M S Associates, Occupational Health Consultancy Service

"Involving Occupational Health professionals is seen as the most effective tool for managing long-term absence." (CIPD Survey 2005)

Occupational Health, M S Associates

"Every year, organisations lose billions of pounds in lost time and revenue due to staff illness. The main causes for Sickness Absence are Stress, Musculo-Skeletal injuries such as back and neck pain, and minor illnesses such as colds or flu"

"Stress is the leading cause of long-term sickness absence for non-manual workers" (CIPD 2005 Survey)

M S Associates - Products & Services

Occupational Health

  • Occupational Health Audits


  • Basic Counselling

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Counselling

Health Assessments and Education

  • Display Screen Equipment/ Workstation Assessments

  • Health surveillance e.g. Audiometry, Spirometry, skin assessments

  • Fork Lift Truck, Company car drivers health screening

  • Workplace/Risk assessments

  • Health Promotion and education

  • Healthy Lifestyle screening

  • Fitness to work / Return to work assessments

Case Management

  • Sickness absence management

  • Critical Case management

  • Pre-employment, pre-placement screening

  • Advising and Implementation of Rehabilitation programmes


  • Manual Handling Training

  • Visual Display Unit Workstation Assessment

  • First Aid Training and management

Advisory Service

  • Medical Advice and Medical Referrals

  • Telephone Advisory service

  • Occupational Health Advisory service

  • Expert witness

Administration and compilation of medical records

Administration is based on which includes report transcription and compilation of medical files. Medical files are housed in a lockable filing cabinet, on-site or at M S Associates Occupational Health offices. The Access to Health Records Act (1990) prevents access to occupational medical and surveillance records. The key holder will be qualified Occupational Health Advisor thus ensuring employee confidentiality

Advisory and Consultancy Services

  • Expert Witness reports.

  • Policies: e.g. Mental wellbeing, manual handling, absence management, night workers

  • Standards/Procedures: e.g. Health Screening, Pre-placement assessment, food handlers assessment.

  • Absence Management reports.

  • Risk assessments.

  • Fitness assessments.

  • Case referral reports

  • Telephone Advisory service

Health & Safety Workstation Assessment

Risk Assessment

Ergonomic assessment

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