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M S Associates, Occupational Health Consultancy Service

"Musculo-Skeletal  injuries are cited as the leading cause of long-term absence for manual workers" (CIPD 2005 Survey)

Occupational Health, M S Associates

"absence caused by ill health, stress, mental health problems and workplace injuries. According to the Confederation of British Industry more than 11 billion is lost to UK business each year through employee sickness"

M S Associates - Occupational Health Consultancy Services

All our consultants are qualified Occupational Health professionals, self-motivated and self-driven, with extensive experience and knowledge in a wide variety of industries. Good communication skills enabling communication with all levels of personnel within an organization is an essential skill possessed by our consultants.

We have researched and analysed the need for an Occupational Health service in one of the UKs largest retailers, as well as other establishments resulting in the developing and implementation of as a Corporate Occupational Health policy, procedures and management guidelines.












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