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Occupational Health, M S Associates

"Every year, organisations lose billions of pounds in lost time and revenue due to staff illness. The main causes for Sickness Absence are Stress, Musculo-Skeletal injuries such as back and neck pain, and minor illnesses such as colds or flu"

M S Associates, Occupational Health Consultancy Service

"absence caused by ill health, stress, mental health problems and workplace injuries. According to the Confederation of British Industry more than £11 billion is lost to UK business each year through employee sickness"

M S Associates - Customer Testimonials

"The manager also said "I don't know if it was the M S A OH Consultant asking the right questions or that the employee simply trusted her but she certainly was able to establish the exact situation in a way that I could never have done as the line manager".
The line manager said your role in this had been very helpful and professional!
You had found out the 'real situation' and it makes us look a good employer."

Mark O'Hagan MA, CIPD
HR Manager Large Multi-National Corporation

"It has been my privilege to work closely with Maureen Samuel RGN, OHNC for several years in my role as Student Services Manager and Chair of the Amenities & Welfare Board at Cranfield University.

I have found Maureen to be an inspiring colleague whose professionalism and compassion make her an ideal Occupational Health Advisor, her expertise and insight have made an invaluable contribution to our unique academic community."

Student Services Manager  Cranfield University

Manual Handling Workshops - Participant feedback

“Excellent! Entertaining as well as informative”

“Made a boring subject interesting!”

“Course very worthwhile for work and home - to make you think first.”








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